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POETS Of INDIA is not an event management company like others. We are a team of poets ourselves and are the biggest organizer of Kavi Sammelan, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc. In this era where Kavi Sammelan is rapidly becoming an essential part of any function, emerged a problem of event companies acting as middlemen between the convener and the organizers. Hence we decided to curb out this middlemen thing and create a platform where organizers can directly contact us. If anyone desires to organize a kavi sammelan and contacts us here, we can assure the caller gets a reply directly from the convener himself. This has made things amazingly easy for both the poets and the organizers, whether it’s about checking the availability of poets or deciding the budget of the show, all the points can be decided over a single call. Getting advice from the convener himself about the selection of poets best suitable according to the theme of your show within your budget can not be done by an event management company. So now with POETS OF INDIA organizing a super hit kavi sammelan is just a piece of cake.



Kavi Vineet Pandey

National Convener


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About Kavi Sammelan

For those who don’t know about a kavi sammelan show, it’s a show consisting of poets (of Hindi) of different genres like family humor, romanticism, patriotism, etc who perform together to entertain the audience. These poets are usually laughter stars, TV faces, and some Bollywood lyricists. The show can have duration of upto 4-5 hrs and the number of poets can vary from 1 to 6-7, according to the demand.

Kavi Sammelan shows are the fastest growing trend in University(s)/colleges/HEIs, Public Sector Undertakings, Government and private organizations and other corporates at State/National and International level due to many reasons.

  1. Easily affordable
  2. It requires no instruments except a stage mic.
  3. Can be arranged in a short span of time
  4. Family content
  5. Humor, romanticism, patriotism, etc in one show
  6. A show with useful messages through poetry.

Kavi Sammelan Shows is a new and different kind of show for an educational institution and can be a part of annual cultural or literary fests. A lot of videos are available on YouTube which shows how much students and faculty members enjoy. 

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Family Functions
Annual Day Celebration
Cultural Fest
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Litrature Festivals
Alumini Meet
Jayanti Celebrations
Independence Day
Special Occasions
In-house Meetings
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